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Agora Market不再賣槍了

Agora admins have posted a new message on the market announcing that from now own it will not allow the sale of lethal weapons:

 Original announcement link on agora: http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion/info/noweapons

—–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA512 Starting from July 15th 2015 Agora will no longer list lethal weapons.
Following our mission we wish such objects would be available for purchase, but the current reality of it is that the format of a market like ours does not constitute a good way to do it. Shipping weapons is hard, they are expensive and stimulate both scamming by dishonest vendors and honeypot listings by agencies looking to find buyers who might wish to obtain such weapons illegally from us. This has been reflected for a long time in both the volume and the success rates of our listings in the weapons section.
At this point continuing to list weapons would do more harm than good for our users.
—–BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE—– iQIcBAEBCgAGBQJVm83gAAoJELCkZxCnK9YVfSQP/AwMVbkIeKtPtXNUgg4cCYTi t1SR3vwsdpvg1L9ruebiM9iZAia4hogrld9fXuIXpc7Te4tTElOmetCQZj6j4+zh Vg0lTdNxjFde50VnfXtmOE5e+itE3Y87Sm1vvut1aDANeRRPo5elLXNzSHtMHGgD 2+aB/F9fqhyb9G9hSKeCIo3Xv/vRQnupzUStFFkCLNH5h+Um6PPDd9yiKR+3f/lZ u+LIPGp9q8ARtH0N8NFifzbaXMakK0SEoz/zwlxr2VwxbceXcquXIOTdBjBl2s0F GlhoH5LPdLyh8nJkeSBIcronoKlBqBm9TTBkswYmIBTIiYDx00Ajv9NPjOhj8Q3N mAYt/4/lgennRj4b6cgmNcWn9Zuyo1EX3d7ZGMzawjzibLt8DmEgSClNw9/PgEll Qmw9VK7o/Rg/Sd6z6fTKr26jdNR1C1xwcbPMTK+n7oKmFlV+tKdQ2nMvLCvJrZJd 0WABYZVgj99UBNuRAwF5DO4X6+sGupZFog3VgMz2rWehDUMN1VtmEPn5NPNoIqNz uZEWGKoYJvPdad+1I4Wc4sCLVDbiTL7gFoKmT/VCroaiRqOQvzEx+y8AXdD89A9F 7uJKcZaTA0hInhw468GOtZsT2le5Vb6CBeMd4lfpJcoMzyN8lZaJKkoAqqs58mM0 7b0uboq9MgQ1h+P1s30b =u/KI —–END PGP SIGNATURE—–
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